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Altooffice gets online makeover

Altodigital, a leading independent supplier of digital print and document solutions to businesses across the UK, has launched a new look to a dedicated online portal to supply office stationery, furniture and consumables to existing and new customers.

The new online commerce site will offer a wide range of products to meet business needs, including the latest in office supplies, consumables, print, fax machines and furniture.   Whatever customers’ requirements, Altooffice will provide businesses with a range of products designed to give maximum versatility and flexibility whilst keeping costs under control.

Customers can choose to either set up an account or can pay via a credit card depending on their ongoing requirements. The Altooffice web sales portal will also be able to react quickly to market demands and list items that are not currently listed in the traditional Altodigitial catalogue.

Simon Harris, Sales Manager at Altodigital comments, “We wanted to revamp the website to improve the user experience and increase the flow of sales through this channel.  Our customers have told us that they wanted the flexibility to order consumables and lower ticket items via a trusted website and also required the ability to order products from an extended catalogue online, the site offers this and much, much more. We have developed Altooffice to be open to anyone, from students to individual trader’s right up to business users, local government and the larger enterprise.”

To access Altooffice customers need to visit where they can browse from a selection of products and choose their preferred payment method. The site is available from today.

An Introduction to Computer ‘Eyegonomics’

A really interesting article posted on Mashable today. You've likely heard of ergonomics, but do you know about “eyegonomics?” When you're spending the day looking at a screen, whether it's a tablet device or a smartphone, you can suffer from eye strain as well as neck pain. You know how it is; you start out sitting straight, but then find yourself slouched over sitting with your neck bent at an uncomfortable angle and before you know it, you have neck and back pain, not to mention red, irritated eyes.

Yes, you can get eye strain simply from using a digital device for more than two hours at a time. Think about how many screens you look at during the course of your day. Desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, e-readers, tablets, televisions and gaming systems. In fact, in a survey conducted by The Vision council, more than a third of U.S. adults reported spending four to six hours a day with digital devices.

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Altooffice Gets Social

It’s not just our new website which has undergone a major makeover; Altooffice is now going social.  Altooffice company profiles are now live on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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Is eating lunch at your desk bad for you?

A recent study from the BBC News highlights the fact that an increasing number of Britons fail to take their full lunch break, leading to stress in the workplace.  The majority of workers eat lunch at their desk, but are you are aware of what is lurking there.  Apparently desks, keyboards and phones are rife with germs and are easily spread, maybe time to spring clean that desk, check out our janitorial and desk cleaning products.


Introducing the iPad Secure and Cubebyte Product Range

Altooffice are now stocking a range of iPad and tablet security solutions, providing tethered or fixed options along with a range of accessories.  Click here to check the products out.